Projects funded by the National Science Center, Poland

  • The role of numeracy in the risky decision-making process: psychological and neural mechanisms

    Principal Investigator: Jakub Traczyk; 2015/17/D/HS6/00703

  • The role of multiple numeric competencies in improving decision making

    Principal Investigator: Agata Sobkow; 2018/31/D/HS6/02899

  • Is recurring irrationality adaptively rational? The role of numeracy and adaptive strategy selection in decisions under risk and uncertainty.

    Principal Investigator: Jakub Traczyk; 2019/35/O/HS6/04026

Projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Poland

  • The role of problem structure in the experience-based decision making

    Principal Investigator: Dominik Lenda

  • Multiverse Analysis of Data from Preregistered Study: toward Preregistered Multiverse Analysis

    Principal Investigator: Dominik Lenda

Projects funded by SWPS University

  • Perceptual Insight Task as a new research tool. Psychometric aspect of Insight Theory development.

    Principal Investigator: Angelika Olszewska

  • Transcranial direct stimulation and decision making

    Principal Investigator: Jakub Traczyk; BST/WROC/2018/A/11

  • Intuitive and reflective processes. The status of a relationship.

    Principal Investigator: Agata Sobkow; BST/WROC/2018/A/10