Jakub Traczyk, PhD

Head of the Center for Research on Improving Decision Making (CRIDM). Associate Professor at the SWPS University. He investigates the role of emotions and numerical abilities in risk perception and decision making.

Agata Sobkow, PhD

Assistant Professor at the SWPS University. She does research on intuitive processing, decision making, numeracy and risk perception. She is particularly interested in developing and testing innovative methods, such as cognitive training or visual aids, that may help people with low numeracy make better decisions.

Maciej Kościelniak, PhD

Assistant Professor at the SWPS University (Faculty in Poznań). In his research projects, he focuses on the psychology of aging, social influence, susceptibility to consumer manipulations, decision making and impulsive buying behaviors. He is also interested in the psychology of career counselling and in various aspects of cognitive training.

Angelika Olszewska

PhD Student at the SWPS University. She is mainly interested in the processes related to intuition. Currently, she has done research on the role of restructuring problem representation in insight problem-solving.

Dominik Lenda

Student at the SWPS University. He is particularly interested in the analysis of based-experience decision-making process. He is a fan of Open Science Framework and Bayesian analysis, however, he still appreciates the p-value.